Moon and Tide Calendar

The calendar and it's subdivisions are all translated into the local language, so they are not translated here.

    The Moon and Tide calendar is used throughout Tlanar and in the Nsar kingdoms of north-eastern Djapar. It divides the year into 13 moons, each divided into two 15-day periods known as tides. The year starts on the northern vernal equinox (SD 1). The years are counted from the supposed date of creation, so the current year would be the 7050th year since creation.  Formally years are calculated by year, decade, century and era. Years them selves are named Year followed by the number of the year in that decade (Year One, Year two, Year Three, etc.). The Decades and centuries are simply numbered (First Decade, Third Century, etc.). An era is 500 years long and each is named after it ends, with the current era being referred to as the current era. So the current year (7050) is: Year ten of the 4th decade of the 1st century of the current era.

    The eras before the current one are named for some prominent event or characteristic, though these names are not universally agreed upon, and different areas will use different era names. This lack of uniformity in the names of the eras causes no end of difficulty in historical research, etc., and so in scholarly circles the eras are also numbered (First Age, Second Age, etc.). By this usage the current era is the 14th.

First Warming 15 1 15
Thawing 15 16 30
Second Flowing 15 31 45
Lambing 15 46 60
Third Calving 15 61 75
Sprouting 15 76 90
Fourth Budding 15 91 105
Flowering 15 106 120
Fifth Stinging 15 121 135
Grazing 15 136 150
Sixth Fattening 15 151 165
Haying 15 166 180
Seventh Winnowing 15 181 195
Ripening 15 196 210
Eighth Reaping 15 211 225
Milling 15 226 240
Ninth Smoking 15 241 255
Brewing 15 256 270
Tenth Hewing 15 271 285
Storing 15 286 300
Eleventh Turning 15 301 315
Storming 15 316 330
Twelfth Darkening 15 331 345
Freezing 15 346 360
Thirteenth Snowing 15 361 375
Brightening 15 376 390

    This calendar has no equivalent of weeks and the days are numbered One-day, Two-day, Three-day, etc. Dates are given using either the Moon (1-30) or the Tide (1-15), for example the 17th day of the first month could be expressed as either Seventeen-day of First Moon, or as Two-day of Thawing Tide.