(Rich, or abundant, land)

Population: Elf (Amwamik)

Religion: Ecumenical Suite

Awarla is a loose federation of four independent realms, each of which is in turn made up of two to four provinces. Each province is ruled by a King (Ma in the local language), and each of the four realms is ruled by an Over-King (Mauama), and ruling the whole island is the High King (amk Ma).

The title of King is hereditary s and titles Over-King and High King goes to the King, or the Over King in the case of the High Kingship, who has been longest on the throne at the time of the death of the previous incumbent.

FIGURE 1: Map showing the subdivisions of the High Kingdom of Awarla


1. Over-Kingdom of rxam

     1A. Kingdom of Kam

     1B. Kingdom of akau

     1C. Kingdom of amaarl (Over-King of rxam)

2. Over-Kingdom of Ragsam

     2A. Kingdom of Gararl

     2B. Kingdom of araa

     2C. Kingdom of Raas

     2D. Kingdom of Rau (Over-King of Ragsam and High King of Awarla)

3. Over-Kingdom of Larhsam

     3A. Kingdom of Aama

     3B. Kingdom of Amag (Over-King of Larhsam)

4. Over-Kingdom of Hasam

     4A. Kingdom of Sraga

     4B. Kingdom of Raamarl (Over-King of Hasam)