All Bakrkam are born into a House (Rik [ROH-ik]), which consists of all those who can trace descent to one particular progenitor (usually some sort of hero or famous person or commander), and their followers. This ancestor is known as the House-Father (Rikqsar [ROH-ik-choh-sahr] or House-Mother (Rikiar [ROH-ik-ish-ahr]. The head of a House is known as the Chief-of-the-Name (Mkamkrk [moh-kahm-KRAYK]  and is elected by the adults of the House. Election is restricted to those who can claim direct descent from the ancestor.


A Clan (Kevha [KEHV-hah]) is made up of all the Houses that can trace descent back to one single progenitor, the Clan-Father (Kevhaqsar [kehv-hah-CHOH-sahr]) or Clan-Mother (Kevhakiar [KEHV-hah-kih-shahr]. The Houses of a Clan are all ranked based on how closely the House ancestor was to the Clan ancestor and the head of the senior House is the Chieftain (Orsaxa [OR-sah-ksah] of the Clan. While the office of Chieftain is one of great respect, it is largely ceremonial and the actual authority a Chieftain has over the Houses that make up the Clan is largely dependant on the incumbents force of personality and military strength.


In houses or clans founded by a male leadership is restricted to males, in those founded by a female it is restricted to females.


There are currently 35 such clans and 2 human families with clan status (Laur and Zauleos), they are as follows:

-          Amsar

-          Aramxm

-          Arkr

-          Baravkr

-          Barsurd

-          Bikom

-          Brmxm

-          Brumar

-          Burk

-          Dmar

-          Derkrumar

-          Ddarbrs

-          Dkarar

-          Egu

-          Kark

-          Kirked

-          Koxrd

-          Krkr

-          Krbars

-          Kritz

-          Krvadak

-          Krvtzkom

-          Laur

-          dugrd

-          mu

-          Remdar

-          Rerkrar

-          Rkargomdar

-          Rvokr

-          Srdubrd

-          Srurekimt

-          Uder

-          Vmsomt

-          Vrdubars

-          Xmrkar

-          Xarmbars

-          Zaulos