[DSOHR- dih-kit]

Land of the Wolves

Population: Dsorkit (goblins, hobgoblins, & bugbears)

Religion: asite

This region consists of a veritable wasteland and is the final refuge of the various goblinoid tribes that once were the scourge of northern Tlanar. They have managed to survive here mostly because the land is of no real value and so nobody wants it.

It consists of 12 separate independent states of varying power known as Tdk, which means "command". They subsist mostly by raiding each other and occasional raids into the dwarven realms to the north. They fear and avoid the Nakavul.

FIGURE 1: Map showing the realms of the Dsrdikit

1. Tdk of Tdsra: 8 provinces                                       5. Tdk of Ukl: 4 provinces                                               9. Tdk of Dikrok: 5 provinces

2. Tdk of Aibtu: 5 provinces                                         6. Tdk of Tlb: 5 provinces                                              10. Tdk of Su: 3 provinces

3. Tdk of Kdrit: 1 province                                                 7. Tdk of Aidxlx: 6 provinces                                        11. Tdk of Xxlok: 8 provinces

4. Tdk of Txlok: 6 provinces                                            8. Tdk of Dk: 8 provinces                                                 12. Tdk of Xda: 5 provinces