Meaning unknown

Population: Minotaur (Rinòrè)

Religion: Fedasrulàan


This small, island is all that is left of the ancient Rinòrè realm of Kaldì. It remains independent mostly because of its irrelevance, though it is rumoured that there once were powerful wizards among the Rinòrè and that many of their treasures are hidden on the island.

At present it is an anarchic state with the Rirnòrè living in small gangs that are constantly struggling amongst themselves for dominance and control of turf (think “Gangs of New York”).

The Rirnòrè refer to their small realm as the Eìùlìe Anùìsa [eh-ai-YU-lai-eh ah-nyu-AI-sah] which means Eternal Empire, and the leaders of the various gangs give themselves similarly grandiose titles, often old ones from when the Rirnòrè held sway over wider lands.

In terms of religion, the Galdìyarans worship their ancestral deity Fedasrula, deemed a demon by the other peoples of Tòlanar.