(Holy land)

Population: Human (Uhasu)

Religion: Predominantly Yazilite.

Knovdark is the Nukavul name for this region which the natives call Ruru× (ruh-RUHZH]. It features prominently in the Yazilic creation myth; Mount Su¨Ü¨urŔa [suh-YUSH-yu-uh-ree-ah] (which means the Mountain of the Sun and the Moon), a volcanic plug in the province of Hasu is believed to be the mound of ┘s¨ (the first land to rise from the primordial deep, where the first deities appeared). It is the holiest site in all of T˛lanar, revered by all the Yazilýic churches. The city of Srus¨sursu [SRUH-syu-suhr-suh] where the High Temple is located (is supposedly the capital from which the gods ruled in the mythological age) is the second holiest site. The region is governed by a council of Yazilite prelates appointed by the Knarun, under the watchful eye of the Kukilkarud ([kuh-KIL-kah-ruhd] Keeper of the Enclosure), the head of an ╠asite military order headquartered there. The region is subdivided into a number of petty kingdoms, each governed by a native Uhasu ôkingö. The majority of the population is of the Yazilite faith, though there are communities of each major faith in Srus¨sursu, catering to the pilgrims of their particular denomination.

FIGURE 1: Map showing petty kingdoms of the Knovdark.


1. Kingdom of Hiťsursi

2. Koingdom of Sufsuhis

3. Kingdom of Sinuzyarsu

4. Kingdom of UrÜsu

5. Knovadhun (Sacred enclosure)

6. Kingdom of Ur¨susyar

7. Kingdom of SrŔas¨ziru