(People of Lausem)

Population: Human (Uhasu)

Religion: asite with Ecumenical Suite  minority

Lasom is the Nukavul name for these people, who call themselves Fesurnok [feh-SUHR-nok] which means the strong. While they are ethnically Uhasu, they speak a Laus language. They are vassals of the Knarunate and the region is subdivided into four sub-regions (Northern, Southern, Eastern, & Western), each under a military governor called a Kaxod, which is Nukavul for emissary. Each of these regions is further subdivided into a number of principalities which are ruled by local potentates. The majority of the inhabitants are of the asite faith.

FIGURE 1: map showing the Kaxodates of the Lasm lands


1. Nirkok (Northern): 9 provinces (5 principalities)

2. Usok (Eastern): 12 provinces (6 principalities)

3. Zusok (Western): 10 provinces ( 5 principalities)

4. Sekok (Southern): 11 provinces (7 principalities)