Land of the Free People

Population: Human (Lausň) with  a orcish (Kamkram and Okmŕk) minority in the south-eastern domains of Nirmaunku and Zulon.

Religion: Ecumenical Suůšite

This kingdom grew out of the parts of the old Lausňemian Empire that were never overrun by the orcs. Originally this region consisted of a large number of small petty states, over the centuries it has been unified and has developed into a powerful kingdom which dominates the lands west of the Minsus Suqes (Mountains of the Dusk). It is a feudal state made up of various lesser, but often very powerful, nobles (including the King of Zaulin who holds extensive lands within Laulolru), all owing allegiance to the king.



[FEE-ol] [ZAH-uh-luhs]

(Faithful/Happy valley)

Population: Human (Lausň)

Religion: Ecumenical Suůšite

The vale of Zaůlos (#10) lies sheltered in the middle of the heavily fortified Zňum Sfňnaus ([ZOH-um AFOH-nah-us] “way of thorns”) pass through the impassable northern Minsus Suqes, and its lords have managed to fend off their much larger and vastly more powerful neighbours, maintaining their independence. When the lord of Zaůlus inherited the County of Fčol (#25) he refused to do homage for it to the King of Lauloru on the basis that the independence of Zaůlus now extended to the lands they inherited. This claim is denied by the kings of Laulolru but there has been no attempt to enforce suzerainty, perhaps because Laulolru merchants do not have to pay the heavy tolls to pass through the otherwise impassable mountains.




Population: Human (Lausň)

Religion: Ecumenical Suůšite

Rěelulaos (#24) gained its status as an independent kingdom as a result of a dynastic struggle in the Laulolruan royal house. The heir of Laulolru died without issue, leaving his sister as the sole living child of the King. The Count of Zaulčos, the late King’s brother, however asserted his claim on the grounds that a woman could not inherit as long as there was a male with a claim. As he had far more power, controlling much more land than that held by his neice’s husband, they were bought off so to speak, with the royal title and with technical independence. They are also the dynastic heirs, meaning that if the male line of the house of Zaulčos becomes extinct, then the House of Ĺraujin (the Kings of Rěelulaos) automatically inherit.


FIGURE 1: Map showing subdivisions of the Kingdom of Laulolru and associated states (ruling house indicated by colour)


1. Palatine Prelacy of Lwinŕos: 5 provinces

2. County of Maurqu (House of Lčerin, junior cadet branch of House of Zaulčos, 4th in line): 3 provinces

3. County of Ĺnjyemčos (House of ku Lukurkau): 2 provinces

4. County of Ŕuntče (House of Zaulčos-Auntče): 2 provinces

5. Viscounty of Awezuržnu (House of Zaulčos, fief of Duchy of Juůnu): 4 provinces

6. County of Launjůkik (House of Zaulčos): 8 provinces

7. Viscounty of Fwurunuů (House of Zaulčos): 4 provinces

8. Duchy of Lčerlinaos (House of Lčerin, junior cadet branch of House of Zaulčos, 4th in line): 2 provinces

9. Duchy of Syerauonu (House of Zaulčos): 2 provinces

10. Lordship of Zaůlus (House of Zaůlus): 2 provinces [Independent state]

11. County of Fňkaurku (Separate 1-province viscounties [1. Frutes, 2. Musnol, 3. Saursrčezolu, 4. Naurlinu, 5. Jrausu] owing allegiance to the King as Count of Fňkaurku): 5 provinces

12. County of Frizunku (House of Zaulčos-Auntče, cadet branch of House of Zaulčos, 3rd in line): 7 provinces

13. County of Mauonu (House of Zaulčos-Auntče, cadet branch of House of Zaulčos, 3rd in line): 5 provinces

14. Viscounty of Lomyeson (House of Minsfčrs, cadet branch of the princely house of Gamrňla): 3 provinces

15. County of Auezuržnu (House of Zaulčos): 6 provinces

16. County of Nozurnauos (House of Nuzurs): 2 provinces

17. Duchy of Jauskinu (House of Omsaqem [K. of Zaulin]): 5 provinces

18. Duchy of Lurů (House of ku Lurů, senior cadet branch of House of Zaulčos): 5 provinces

19. County of Fčosče (House of Zaulčos): 8 provinces

20. County of Sauonsinju (House of Zaulčos): 2 provinces

21. Duchy of Črluonawos (House of Zaulčos-Črlauns, cadet branch of House of Zaulčos, 2nd in line): 7 provinces

22. County of Zulon (House of Zaulčos): 5 provinces

23. Duchy of Nirmaunku (House of Omsaqem [K. of Zaulin], held by the heir of Zaulin): 6 provinces

24. County of Fčol  (House of Zaůlus): 2 provinces [Independent state]

25. Kingdom of Rěelulaos (House of Ĺraujin): 2 provinces [Independent state]

26. County of Ňluku (House of Zaulčos): 6 provinces

27. County of Uzulňnus (House of Zaulčos): 6 provinces

28. County of Zaulčos (House of Zaulčos): 9 provinces

29. Viscounty of Auelu (House of Zaulčos): 3 provinces

30. County of Šumfužnu (House of Zaulčos): 8 provinces

31. Viscounty of Aurkunus (House of Zaulčos): 3 provinces

32. Duchy of Juůnu (House of Zaulčos, held by the heir to the throne): 8 provinces

33. Duchy of Zauskinňau (House of Omsaqem [K. of Zaulin]): 5 provinces

34. Duchy of Nauzaůru (House of Omsaqem [K. of Zaulin]): 4 provinces

35. Viscounty of Auenos (Vassal of Duke of Juůnu held by House of Omsaqem [K. of Zaulin]): 1 province