Losňm (Lausňem) Empire

Aračlikě human, with elven (Sirlazč), dwarven (Lazyol) & halfling (Saradwŕ) minorities in the east and Rňěnaö in the west.

Religion: Autocephalous Suůšite

This is the rump of the old Lausňeman Empire that once ruled much of the continent. It is a highly centralized and bureaucratic state, organized around its military.



It is divided into four major regions, called Šusč or “realms”. Each of these realms has a complete government, with ministries, etc. Beneath this level, the organization is based around the military, each Realm is divided into two sub-regions, known as Akeduldenč or “hundred”, so named because 100 companies are raised and maintained from its territory. Each Hundred is divided into four Quarters, Dadesdu in Aračlěke, each responsible for 25 companies. Each Quarter is further subdivided into four recruiting districts, known simply as Districts or Rirukěč, made up of 3 provinces (known as Dsreduler or “barrack”), each of which is responsible for raising and maintaining two companies. In addition, there is a separate Hundred (Yerěrakul) which is governed directly by the Emperor.

The officers in charge of each of these subdivisions are technically appointed positions, not hereditary, but in practice they are often passed from generation to generation, especially at the lower levels.

FIGURE 1: Map showing Realms of the Losňm Empire.


1. Eldurčšus [el-DUHR-ee-shus] (Eastern Realm)

2. Ludaršus [LUH-dahr-shus] (Southern Realm)

3. Narušus [NAH-ruh-shus] (Middle Realm)

4. Nirděšus [nihr-DAI-shus] (Western Realm)

5. Yerěrakul [yeh-rai-RAH-kuhl] (Royal)













FIGURE 2: Map showing Hundreds of the Losňm Empire


1A. Yusě-Eldurčšus [YUH-sai el-DUHR-ee-shus] (North Eldurčšus): 96 provinces

1B. Ludě-Eldurčšus [LUH-dai el-DUHR-ee-shus] (South Eldurčšus): 96 provinces

2A. Šeně-Ludaršus [SHEH-nai LUH-dahr-shus] (Lower Ludaršus): 96 provinces

2B. Elu-Ludaršus [EH-luh LUH-dahr-shus] (Upper Ludaršus): 96 provinces

3A. Eled-Narušus [EL-ed NAH-ruh-shus] (East Narušus): 96 provinces

3B. Nirě-Narušus [NIH-rai NAH-ruh-shus] (West Narušus): 96 provinces

4A. Anu-Nirděšus [AH-nuh nihr-DAI-shus] (Hither Nirděšus): 96 provinces

4B. Nexě-Nirděšus [NEH-xai nihr-DAI-shus] (Farther Nirděšus): 96 provinces

5. Yerěrakul [yeh-rai-RAH-kuhl] (Royal): 96 provinces











The administration of the empire is divided into military and civil branches, with the civil administration being secondary to the military. The civil administration is handled by the church, whose structure mirrors the military one, with each province being administered by a Prelate, each district by a High Prelate, each Quarter by a Grand Prelate, and each Hundred by a Primate (Note the Primate of Layede in Yerěrakul Hundred is considered the senior of the 9 primates, and is often referred to as the High Primate). In Ecclesiastical terms, each primate is independent, but in terms of civil authority they take their orders from the local military commander, effectively the trouble and expense of civil administration has been farmed out to the church.



As mentioned earlier, each province is responsible for raising two companies of troops, which are known as Reyesu or “banner”. The two companies raised in a province are grouped, for administrative purposes if not tactical into units known as Felde (band or troop). The 6 companies raised in a District are organized into a higher echelon unit known as a Nuěsč (part or division). Usually no more than 4 of the units in a division are assigned to a given field army, the remaining two being held back as a reserve/training cadre. At the Quarter level, an additional unit is raised, usually some sort of specialist unit such as artillery or engineers. The units of a quarter are grouped administratively into a unit known as a Rune, or “corps”, and the four corps of a Hundred make up an Akedu or “hundred”. The rune, or corps, is the main unit around which a field army is built, the local corps will be turned out in full, and units from neighbouring quarters assigned to it. The Yerěrakul corps is the elite of the entire military, receiving the best training and equipment; it also serves as a sort of Staff College, with promising officers being rotated through commands in it. In addition, there is an 8 company Imperial Bodyguard that consists of mercenaries, each paid for by one of the Hundreds.



Each province also maintains a number of militia units. Each province raisers one unit of levy each year, and it trains for the remainder of the year, improving to Veteran status, whereupon it stays in garrison for a year, thereafter it goes into reserve for another year, at the end of which it is disbanded, so at any given time, there will be three militia units in each province, one training, one in garrison, and one in reserve.



In addition, every province must pay for one ship, but rather than funding specific ships, they rather pay a standard rate to fund the fleet. At present, the rate is set at 1 GB/season, and out of this fund the Emperor maintains a large, well organized fleet, with a good transport capacity.