(Dark Earth)

Population: Elf (Ralnafr) with a small human (Laus) minority and an iguanian (Vssh) majority in the southern islands

Religion: Ecumenical Suite

Mkamha is an ancient land that has never been conquered by any of the various empires that have risen and fallen over the last 2000 years. It consists of 14 clan-based realms, ruled by a noble known as a Rsmam ([ROHS-mam] "lord of the land"), all under the loose rule of a King, who while not elected, must rule with the support of the great clan lords. Much of the nobility has intermarried with the nobility of Zaulin.

It is currently ruled by a Queen who is married to the heir of Laulolru.

FIGURE 1: Map showing subdivisions (Rsmaman) of Kingdom of Mkamha


1. Rsmaman of Rulwa (Clan Garmas): 4 provinces

2. Rsmaman of ahosh (Clan Makarn): 2 provinces

3. Rsmaman of Rulamayi (Clan Kfaam): 3 provinces

4. Rsmaman of Rar (Clan Garlahaor): 3 provinces

5. Rsmaman of Rulam (Clan Hrmag): 4 provinces

6. Rsmaman of agos (Clan Slam/Royal house): 1 province

7. Rsmaman of Rav (Clan ara): 6 provinces

8. Rsmaman of Fauha (Clan Arl): 5 provinces

9. Rsmaman of ahar (Clan Kfaam): 5 provinces

10. Rsmaman of Smaham (Vacant: disputed between Kfaam and Makarn clans): 2 provinces

11. Rsmaman of Rulwams (Clan Slam/Royal house): 4 provinces

12. Rsmaman of Rahaa (Clan Slam/Royal house): 5 provinces

13. Rsmaman of aman (Clan Rarlaua): 5 provinces

14. Rsmaman of Mas (Clan Rwama): 5 provinces