(Land of the Tall Folk)

Population: Dwarf (Lazyol)

Religion: Autocephalous Suite

This kingdom consists of the lands Royal Tzavtix clan and its three vassal clans, the Qbae, the Vatatix, and Vrsartix clans, and three semi autonomous republics (Atkakor, Tisatkakor, Tisaxavbor, and Toqatkakor). All of these subordinate states recognise the kings authority as the head of state, but with regards to the republics his direct authority is very limited without the support of the local assemblies.

FIGURE 1: Map showing subdivisions of the Kingdom of Qatarx


1. Royal domain (Tzavtix clan): 4 provinces

2. Lands of the Vatatix clan: 3 provinces

3. Lands of the Qbae clan: 1 province

4. Lands of the Vrsartix clan: 4 provinces

5. Republic of Toqatkakor: 2 provinces

6. Republic of Atkakor: 4 provinces

7. Republic of Tisatkakor: 3 provinces

8. Republic of Tisaxavbor: 3 provinces