Population: Elf (Ralnafr) with human (Laus) minorities

Religion: Ecumenical Suite

This elven realm was one of the first to throw off the Lausemian yoke when that empire began to crumble under the Rsan onslaught. It originally included most of the coastal region of northern Laulolru, but it has now been reduced to eight provinces. Each province comprises an independent principality, with the longest reigning prince, currently the Prince of Gl, serving as Prince of the Rrak. While they are all fiercely independent of central control, they are even more fiercely independent of foreign control, and they will unite very quickly in the face of outside threats.

FIGURE 1: Map showing the principalities of the Rrak.


1. Principality of alr

2. Principality of Krlamgalg

3. Principality of Gamrla

4. Principality of Glok

5. Principality of Arlk

6. Principality of Gaar

7. Principality of Gl

8. Principality of Lrak