Population: Dwarf (Lazyol)

Religion: Autocephalous Su¨Üite

This principality is made up of four clans, and the prince is elected from the heads of those four clans. When a new prince is elected, he gives up his place as clan leader and is replaced by the next in line in his clan. Despite the fact that the Prince is the weakest of the five lords (ruling a single province), it is a very stable state and the Princeĺs authority is generally accepted by the clan lords.

There is a strong irredentist minority that wants to absorb the Lazyol lands in the neighbouring Grand Principality of Klakey˛.

FIGURE 1: Map showing the clan lands of Rudl˛kolg˛


1. Zagzakem˛ clan lands: 3 provinces

2. Qaraza clan lands: 2 provinces

3. Xisbl˛kŔ (Princely enclave): 1 province

4. Rűp˛keg˛ clan lands: 3 provinces

5. Pidaweg˛ clan lands: 3 provinces