Elves (SirlazŔ) with dwarf (Lazyol), halfling (Mal˛im), and centaur (Zig˛rxlaser) minorities.

Religion: Autocephalous Su¨Üite

Sirey˛ is one of the long time major powers in Tollanar. The realm has never been conquered though it has lost land to Los˛mýkur and D˛krÓkr in recent centuries. The current governmental system consists of eight Grand Principalities which each consist of a number of principalities of varying power.

All of the Grand princes are members of the same extended family, and the Grand Prince of Qeiz is the head of the family and thus the suzerain of the others. Inheritance is through absolute cognatic primogeniture for most of the realms, but there are two exceptions to this: Mazbalak and Nurchaz.

Mazbalak is an elective monarchy, and any member of the ruling dynasty is eligible for election.

Nurqaz is unique in that the throne goes to the most senior dynast present in the capital at the time of the incumbentĺs death, or if none are present, the first to appear.

All of these realms have powerful popular assemblies, which constrain the freedom of the rulers in many ways, particularly in Mazbalak, where the Grand Prince is little more than a military leader.

FIGURE 1: Map showing Grand Principalities and Principalities of the Sirey˛


1. Zasume˛                                                    6. Parvav

    1A. Zasume˛: 5 provinces                       6A. Rykos: 2 provinces

    1B. Rizilurq: 3 provinces                          6B. Parvav: 4 provinces

    1C. Dlixidurq: 2 provinces                       6C. Zsokepel: 3 provinces

2. Qeiz                                                                 6D. Xisakila: 1 province

    2A. Iolarsozs: 4 provinces                        6E. Dzil: 3 provinces

    2B. Qeiz: 6 provinces                              7. Vulmebaz

    2C. Niliorsoz: 2 provinces                        7A. Vulmebaz: 5 provinces

    2D. Lardaz: 3 provinces                             7B. Prasimurq: 3 provinces

3. Sedz˛                                                              7C. LŔ˛com: 2 provinces

    3A. ZesmÓr: 6 provinces                           7D. DalandŔr: 2 provinces

    3B. Mozoulykoq: 2 provinces              8. Nasadurk

    3C. Dloqoe: 2 provinces                            8A. Zedixurq: 3 provinces

    3D. Xlird: 3 provinces                                 8B. Blakma: 2 provinces

    3E. Nas˛durq: 2 provinces                       8C. Dylaz  & Nemurq  

    3F. L˛ryeme˛: 2 provinces                           8C1. Dylaz: 1 province  

    3G. Predrers˘: 1 province                             8C2. Nemurq: 1 provinces

4. Nurqaz: 4 provinces                                   8D. Nasadurk: 4 provinces

5.  Mazbalak                                                       8E. Pemurq: 2 provinces

    5A. Mazbalak: 8 provinces

    5B. Nilp: 2 provinces