Population: Human (Uhasu)

Religion: Ecumenical Su¨Üite

The Principality of Suekas is the youngest realm in all of T˛lanar, having thrown off both Los˛mýkuran and Nukavulan overlords under a succession of brilliant leaders. It consists of 9 counties, which for administrative and military purposes are divided into two regions; Sarau ku Ses in the north and Sarau ku Tis in the south. The counts of ╚rhu˛ (1C) govern the northern region, while the counts of Ďa÷s˛ (2B) hold the princely throne and govern the southern region.

FIGURE 1: Mao showing counties of Suekas


Sarau ku Ses

    1A. County of Hison: 2 provinces

    1B. County of Lisisaun˛: 3 provinces

    1C. High County of ╚rhu˛: 3 provinces

    1D. County of Sirikau: 3 provinces

Sarau ku Tis

    2A. County of Aulň: 3 provinces

    2B. High County of Ďa÷s˛ (Prince of Suekas): 3 provinces

    2C. County of Laufesnu: 2 provinces

    2D. County of Sojh˛nau: 2 provinces

    2E. County of Lňrlauk: 3 provinces