(Rugged Land/Island)

Population: Lesser orc majority (Reqasam) ruled by a large (roughly 1/3) true orc minority (Qrkomkuds)

Religion: sian Szasite

This kingdom is the only one of the original orcish realms that remains outside of Dkrkr. It is subdivided into a number of fairly independent vassal states under hereditary rulers known as Rarkdar ([RARK-dahr], meaning leader or ruler), grouped into five regions each headed by one of the Rarkdars, bearing the title of Dreskara [DRES-kah-rah], which means warlord. The Zardixasans are raiders and the Ubwarma of the Kvremkar are descended from raiders from Zardixas.

FIGURE 1: map of the Kingdom of Zardixas showing subdivisions


1A. Rakdaresa of Sruksiv: 1 province

1B. Rakdaresa of Rerarud  (Dreskrara of Kyarom): 3 provinces

1C. Rakdaresa of Ruma: 1 province

2A. Rakdaresa of bamr: 6 provinces

2B. Rakdaresa of Reba: 6 provinces

2C. Rakdaresa of Qra (Dreskrara of Rqarkoxsrom): 6 provinces

2D. Rakdaresa of Udamka: 7 provinces

3A. Rakdaresa of Rukderda: 2 provinces

3B. Rakdaresa of Kuru  (Dreskrara of Kamskoxrom): 6 provinces

3C. Rakdaresa of Mdubems: 7 provinces

4A. Rakdaresa of Remsdubems: 9 provinces

4B. Rakdaresa of Qeburs  (Dreskrara of Uqrakoxrom): 8 provinces

4C. Rakdaresa of Orik: 9 provinces

5A. Rakdaresa of Sxriv: 1 province

5B. Rakdaresa of Orburs  (King of Zardixas): 3 provinces

5C. Rakdaresa of Sraqa: 3 provinces

5D. Rakdaresa of Ra (Dreskrara of Bromduar): 4 provinces