RAUFISČ (Kitsune)

[RAH-uh-fih-see]Raufisč lands

These anthropomorphic foxes are known for their quick wit and guile. They tend to have a dry and quick sense of humour that takes some getting used to. They have a love for pranks and subterfuge but seldom hold any true hostility until physically threatened. When they meet someone for the first time they may make fun of the new person using metaphor and humour and judge the recipient as stupid if they do not understand or as hostile if they take it personally. They have a reputation for being pleasure seekers in their social lives which is for the most part deserved.

Raufisč resemble fox-headed humans, they are tall and often of a slight build. They have a burnt orange coat of except for white fur on the chest, hands, muzzle, and feet. They have reddish-brown eyes, pointed ears with black tips, brown padded palms and soles, black lips, sharp canine teeth, and a mane of long red hair (favourite mane styles are braids and ponytails). They have a floor length bushy tail that tends to move with their mood.

Long ago, nearly the Raufisč had their own kingdom, but they were conquered by the Lausō in the 4th century, and by the Rėsa during the 9th through 12th centuries, however their adaptability has allowed them to survive, albeit as a minority in their old homeland and with a vastly different culture than they once had.

They are an active people with a love of commerce and a craving for action, and they readily assimilate into cosmopolitan societies. As a result they make up a disproportionately large percentage of the traveling merchants of Dōkrākr and can be found throughout Tōlanar serving in that capacity. They often organize themselves into merchant leagues that are made up of several main large families.

Raufisč characters have the following game-specific (3.5) characteristics

Based on the Yokai: Kitsune article on the D&D Wiki and the Kitsune article on the d20 Pathfinder SRD, as well as the Anuchu article in Dragon Magazine #119.

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