RXRTAR (Felinoid)

[rayks-ray-TAR]Raxrtar lands


A Rxrtar is essentially an anthropomorphic tiger. They have beautiful silvery grey fur adorned with a black striping pattern, which is unique for each one. They have large sharp teeth and retractable claws, which are their primary weapons in combat. They are tall and well muscled. The average height of an adult Rxrtar female is around 1.8 meters (6 ft) tall and the average height of an adult male is around 2.4 meters (8 ft) tall. The average weight of an adult Rxrtar is around 84 kg (185 lbs) for females and around 97 kg (214 lbs) for males. They have tails that are roughly 2/3 their height in length which is used primarily for balance. They have large eyes with pupils that can narrow to thin slits or expand to cover almost the entire eye depending on the available sunlight. Iris colors range from violet to light green.


Their eyesight is excellent in both sunlight and in darkness. However, they are slightly color blind as certain colors appear gray to them. Their hearing is excellent as they can hear sounds well above the range that humans can (up to 65 kHz). Rxrtars sense of smell is possibly the greatest in the all of Tlanar; they can remember scent patterns and usually identify beings and objects by smell rather than sight or sound. They are generally diurnal and they sleep around 10 hours per day, though this is usually broken up into "naps" of 2 hours each.


Rxrtars dwell on rugged volcanic islands with a sub-arctic climate. The land is mostly lightly wooded scrub land, with more barren areas around the volcanoes. Their society is markedly gender oriented, with a firm division of roles, norms, practices, dress, behaviour, rights, duties, privileges, status, and power. Currently, females hold the most power which makes the Rxrtars a matriarchal society. There are more females than males in a ratio of roughly 2:1. As a rule, the females are more intelligent and control the civilizations technology. Males are expected to provide food, labour, and be warriors.


The females are highly social and live in settlements called hujumsiq [huh-JUM-sich], which mans dening. These are similar in function to human settlements, except that they are not built on, or replace, the local environment. Denings are built around the environment with the aim being one of minimal impact. Males live in hunter/gatherer groups of called Hunts (R in their language), and a dening will have several hunts attached to it. The Hunts work the area around the dening. A dening will typically contain some young Rxrtars, plus an matriarch who leads the clan. 50% of these elder-leaders are aided by a shaman who venerates various spirits related to sunlight, rain, or animals.Male Raxrtar adventurer


Rxrtars are clever and organized hunters, often driving prey into an ambush (though some play with prey before killing it). In combat they prefer to employ their natural weapons, though they also use javelin and short bows for ranged combat. Rxrtars do not engage in trade, which they consider demeaning, they prefer to simply take what they want by force, but some few have agents who trade for them. They are carnivores and generally view most other creatures as little more than potential prey. This attitude meshed well with the violent natures of the Zardixasan raiders who first encountered them, and they took to their new overlords quite readily.


However, not all of the Rxrtar are happy with being dominated by what is to them a puny species, and these Rxrtar have joined together into bands dedicated to ridding their lands of the foreigners; these are known as Klwrar [KLAY-way-rahr], which means cleanser. They use only their natural weapons, and they have developed their skills to the point that they are the most feared of all the Rxrtars (in game terms they are Monks).


Rxrtar characters have the following game-specific (3.5) characteristics.

Based on the Tabaxi and Basti entries in the D&D Wiki, and the Torgkinz entry on the Total War Center website.


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