RNA (Rna)

[roh-EYE-nah-oo]Rna lands

A race of simian-like humanoids, Rna are often referred to as winged apes. Its easy to see where they would come by such a moniker: they are covered in brown fur, with a slightly stooped posture, a shaggy mane, and a fanged muzzle. And they have flaps of skin that hang beneath their arms that enable gliding, if not true flight an activity in which they delight, to the point that the name Rna means those who dance in the air.

Rna stand at about 51/2 to 6 feet tall, though they always seem slightly shorter due to their natural stooped posture. They tend to weigh between 200 and 250 pounds, most of that weight being solid muscle. Their eyes are black and glitter brightly, and their fur can range in color from a light tawny golden brown to a deep chocolate. Rna do not really need clothing due to their fur covering, though many wear harnesses and belts for their tools and weapons, and they wear special caftans with slit sides on ceremonial occasions, or when in an unfamiliar port.

Most fascinating of all, however, is a Rnas patagial flaps -- flaps of skin between legs and arms, similar to those of a flying squirrel. With these patagia, the Rna can launch herself into the air and glide for significant distances. It is not uncommon for Rna in the rigging of ships not to bother climbing down, but simply throw themselves into the air and glide to another part of the ship.

Rna tend to be very active and curious. Even in dire straits, theyre more likely to crack a joke than despair, although their humor can be black and acerbic if the situation warrants it. Rna are known as very intense, prone to expressing themselves exuberantlywhen a Rna is enjoying herself, she is likely to chuckle or even whoop aloud; when angry, she bares her fangs and snarls. Rna are also rude. They can utter a continuous stream of insults and derision, with tongues sharp enough to make the most seasoned sailor take notice. Even though they are not exactly charming, they tend to be quite swashbuckling, showing off their agility and flight skills, happily making fun of almost everybody they encounter (including themselves and other Rna). In general, though, they are a very peaceable folk who fight only when they must.

However, the Rna are extremely diligent workers, they enjoy working do not consider their chores as inconveniences, often actually looking forward to them, and are respected throughout the lands around the Narrow Sea for their willingness to work as hard as is needed to get the job done.Rna pirate preparing to board.

They do not shirk their responsibilities in combat, either, and most Rna are well thought of and highly sought after both as crewmen and as mercenaries.

Rna live communally, congregating in groups to share living quarters, pitching in to afford and maintain large dwellings where any visiting Rna is welcome to hang their hammocks. These groupings are transient in nature, with individual members coming and going as they see fit. However, Rna are very communally minded when it comes to these dwellings. A Rna who visits a communal house in need of repairs or about to be taken away from those who live there due to lack of funds makes sure she leaves the place in a much better condition, often spending all her available funds to ensure its survival. Rna have little understanding of the idea of family and their young are also raised communally, parents think nothing of leaving children behind to be raised by whatever adults may be in the communal house. When an Rna dies, his goods go to the house in which he happens to be living at that time, or to the one where he last lived if he dies when between residences.

It is unsurprising, given this attitude, that the Rna have no concept of hereditary nobility and find the other races fixation on family and heritage to be strange and somewhat amusing. They will often, when dealing with foreigners, invent elaborate lineages just as a joke. This rather unique view of the transience of community has prevented the Rna from establishing anything like a lasting state, and has allowed the neighbouring peoples to dominate them, however their sense of themselves as a community has allowed them to preserve their race and culture intact despite centuries of foreign domination.

Rna characters have the following game specific (3.5) characteristics.

The Rna may also inhabit the mainland peninsula adjacent to their island home ... only time will tell.

Based on the entry on Hadozee in the Stormwrack book and on the Hadozee entry on Spelljammer.org

The Image is also from the Stormwrack book, but a copy is available online here.