[zih-GOHRKS-lah-sehr]Zigorxlaser lands

A Zigòrxlaser is most simply described as a creature with a human trunk, arms, and head, with a horse body and legs. The human portion of a Zigòrxlaser’s body merges with the equine at what would be the neck of a horse, the lower human back fading into horse shoulders and the human belly meeting the equine chest, so that the hominid navel is almost level with the withers. The rest of a Zigòrxlaser is proportionately large so that an average one stands over a head taller than a human of the same sex. The upper torso and limbs of a Zigòrxlaser are larger and somewhat coarser than the human average. The same applies to the head and facial features. Zigòrxlaser s also have more hair than the average human. They stand about 5 feet tall at the withers being seven and a half to eight feet tall overall and weighing anywhere from 750 to 1200 lbs.

Zigòrxlaser s also enjoy generally exceptional health and do not readily succumb to illness and while they do not live especially long lives compared to some of the other races, Zigòrxlaser s do not age beyond their prime. A Zigòrxlaser’s body never grows frail and their minds never cloud. A Zigòrxlaser lives knowing he will be as strong and energetic in his final year as in his 19th. To more limited extent this agelessness extends to their spirit as well as their body. While Zigòrxlaser s mature and learn from experience just as others do, confidence and passion does not often fade with time the way it so commonly does among the other races.

Zigòrxlaser s are generally isolationist creatures, preferring the freedom of the woodlands to to large cities and they dislike associating with what are to them annoyingly industrious races. They most enjoy the company of Edheledur, specifically the Sirlazè, so they have little issue being ruled by a Grand Prince of that race. The other exception is the Malòim, of whom they are extremely fond, even some times being patronizingly protective of them.

Zigòrxlaser characters have the following game-specific (3.5) characteristics:

Zigorxlaser war party

Based on the centaur article on the D&D Wiki, the D&D 5e Road-test Wiki, and on this article by Oliver Bollman.

Source for the female archer image.

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