Rank: Greater

Ursur, whose name is derived from a root meaning “Weaver”, is one of the three primal mother goddesses. She is the goddess of fate, forbidden or arcane knowledge, archery and hunting (of the ambush sort), war (specifically strategy and missile troops), and the patron of both weavers and weaponsmiths. Her animal is the spider. The two Sułšite sects (Ecumenical & Autocephalous) believe she was the firstborn of the gods.

Parents: Sus & Usurł

Consorts and offspring

                With Ģasu: Sułš, Hrģarsas, and Unyasris

With Hrłsus: Yasisłn

With Huťusar: Zrusu

Domains: Alignment, Craft, Fate, Hunt, Mysticism, Oracle, Planning, Secrets, Spider, and War.