Fate Domain

Deities: Ursur

Granted Power (Ex): You gain the uncanny dodge ability. If you have another class that gives you uncanny dodge, your cleric levels add to that class’s level for determining when you gain the improved uncanny dodge class feature (PH 26).


Fate Domain Spells

1 True Strike: +20 on your next attack roll.

2 Augury: Learns whether an action will be good or bad.

3 Bestow Curse: –6 to an ability score; –4 on attack rolls, saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action.

4 Status: Monitors condition, position of allies.

5 Mark of Justice: Designates action that will trigger curse on subject.

6 Geas/Quest: As lesser geas, plus it affects any creature.

7 Vision: As legend lore, but quicker and strenuous.

8 Mind Blank: Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.

9 Foresight: “Sixth sense” warns of impending danger.