Hatred Domain

Deities: a

Granted Power (Su): Once per day as a free action, choose one opponent. Against that foe you gain a +2 profane bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and Armour Class for 1 minute.


Hatred Domain Spells

1 Doom: One subject takes 2 on attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, and checks.

2 Scare: Panics creatures of less than 6 HD.

3 Bestow Curse: 6 to an ability score; 4 on attack rolls, saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action.

4 Rage: Gives +2 to Str and Con, +1 on Will saves, 2 to AC.

5 Righteous Might: Your size increases and you gain combat bonuses.

6 Forbiddance: Blocks planar travel, damages creatures of different alignment.

7 Blasphemy: Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes non-evil subject.

8 Antipathy: Object or location affected by spell repels certain creatures.

9 Wail of the Banshee: Kills one creature/level.