Rune Domain

Deities: Hrisyur

Granted Power: You gain Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat.


Rune Domain Spells

1 Erase: Mundane or magical writing vanishes.

2 Secret Page: Changes one page to hide its real content.

3 Glyph of Warding: Inscription harms those who pass it.

4 Explosive Runes: Deals 6d6 damage when read.

5 Planar Binding, Lesser: Traps extra-planar creature of 6 HD or less until it performs a task.

6 Glyph of Warding, Greater: As glyph of warding, but up to 10d8 damage or 6th-level spell.

7 Drawmijís Instant Summons: Prepared object appears in your hand.

8 Symbol of Death: Triggered rune slays nearby creatures.

9 Teleportation Circle: Circle teleports any creature inside to designated spot.