Slime Domain

Deities: Hrìarsas

Granted Power: Rebuke or command oozes as an evil cleric rebukes or commands undead. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Cha modifier.


Slime Domain Spells

1 Grease: Makes 10-ft. square or one object slippery.

2 Melf’s Acid Arrow: Ranged touch attack; 2d4 damage for 1 round + 1 round/3 levels.

3 Poison: Touch deals 1d10 Con damage, repeats in 1 minute.

4 Rusting Grasp: Your touch corrodes iron and alloys.

5 Evard’s Black Tentacles: Tentacles grapple all within 15-ft. spread.

6 Transmute Rock to Mud: Transforms two 10-ft. cubes per level.

7 Destruction: Kills subject and destroys remains.

8 Power Word Blind: Blinds creature with 200 hp or less.

9 Implosion: Kills one creature/round.