The Ecumenical Suite Church has a strict hierarchy with the Archprimate at the top and with a provincial Prelate at the bottom. These offices are found throughout much of Tlanar, including those regions where the church is not the majority sect. The hierarchy is as follows:


I.                    Primate

1.       Grand Prelate

A.      High Prelate

1)      Prelate (1/province).

It is important to note that each office in the hierarchy subsumes all the offices bellow it, thus the Archprimate is also the Prelate for the province of Lausem. These lesser posts are generally administered by Suffragn Prelates appointed by the holder of the senior title.

As a general rule the Prelates of each province are chosen by the lesser clerics (i.e. Cathedral Canons) of each province and they are automatically given the senior title; thus when the lesser clerics of the province of, for example, Srus elect their Prelate, the chosen person automatically assumes the office of Grand Prelate of Srus (which also includes a High Prelacy). There are two exceptions to this rule, and that is the Primates, who are chosen by the Grand Prelates of the region encompassed by the Primacy. The other exception is the Archprimate, who is chosen by the Primates. In these two cases, the elected person automatically assumes all the lower offices implied in the senior title.

Within the Dkrkr (and the barkr region) those members who also control a landed domain hold the title of Lord as well (i.e. Lord Grand Prelate).


 There are, including the Archprimate, ten primates in the church. Each of them administers a vast region.


1.             Res, Lord Primate of

2.            Durm, Lord Primate of

3.           Krzbrs, Lord Primate of

4.          Srussursu, Primate of

5.            Fauros, Primate of

6.          Lausem, Lord Primate of (Lord Archprimate)

7.         Kemz, Lord Primate of

8.        Srear, Lord Primate of

9.           Rukderda, Primate of

10.            Rskmaug, Primate of