The Peopling of the World

(a syncretized Aračlikě creation myth)


This is an outline of the pre-Yazilěic Aračlikě tale of the origin of the various peoples they were aware of in the distant past. After their conversion to the Suůšite faith, they equated their old deities with the deities of the new Yazilěc pantheon.

The god Asnačr (identified with Išurů) had two sons by Danačr (the queen of Fiděe): Alůserě (which means "insight") and Elenlačrě ( which means "memory").

Alůserě had a son, Někerěul, by the goddess Lačkě (identified with Zůsusru).

Elenačrě had a daughter, Fčrše, by the goddess Dčršě (identified with Irhilůru).

Někerěul and Fčrše had the following six children:

A. A daughter, Suduralŕě, who had three sons by the god Fel (identified with Išusů):

1. Ufčr from whom the Ufčrar (Amňwamik) are descended.

2. Eadrěur from whom the Eadrělar (Ralnafňr) are descended.

3. Ědurur from whom the Ědurlar (Sirlazč) are descended.

B. A son, Aračl, the eponymous ancestor of the Aračlikě who had three sons:

1. Nusir, by the goddess Edhělč (identified with Ůs), from whom the Aračlar tribe of the Nusayačr are descended.

2. Eňrir, by the goddess Elsunědi (identified with Sazu), from whom the Aračlar tribe of the Eňračr are descended.

3. Zidhčr, who had two sons by the goddess Nanadas (identified with Sar).

a. Ešačr from whom the Aračlar tribe of the Ešačyě are descended.

b. Ěul from whom the Aračlar tribe of the Ěular are descended.

C. A daughter, Erkčrulě, who had three sons:

1. Srčěkur, by the god Črěur (identified with Sahu), from whom the Srčěkuryč (Rirnňris) are descended.

2. Darčrer by the god Xulur (Identified with Isuů), from whom the Darčrar (Dsokrit) are descended.

3. Redělur, by the god Derlul (identified with Ěa), from whom the Redělar (Rěsa) are descended.

D. A son, Enlačdirul, who had a son, Ědulčr, by the goddess Ačsč (identified with Ruru), from whom the Ědulčlar (Uhasu) are descended.

E. A daughter, Dčrěe, who had three sons by the god Enačr (identified with Č):

1. Nekanlur, from whom the Nekanluyě (Lazyol) are descended.

2. Nerlar, from whom the Nerlalar (Saradwŕ) are descended.

3. Serčnul, from whom the Serčnular (Malňim) are descended.

F. A son, Usardhačr, who had a son, Ůělačr, by the goddess Ŕsirdč (identified with Rusčur), from whom the Ůělěar (Lausň) are descended.