As much as I might wish to take credit for everything on this site, I cannot. While I have adapted and altered pretty much everything on here to one degree or another, most of it is drawn from either the D&D books themselves or from things I have come across here and there online over the last 20-odd years. Where possible, I have noted who originated the idea of whatever spell or action is in question, and for those who I may have overlooked I do sincerely apologies, if I left your name out it is simply because I don't know it.
That all being said, I want to take this opportunity to specifically acknowledge the invaluable contribution of Bjørn
Sørgjerd, whose superb Ruins of Empire adaptation of the Birthright rules constitute the basis of my entire system. Large amounts of my rules have been copied directly from his masterpiece, so much so that to note it in every instance would be an enormous annoyance and distraction to the reader. It is safe to assume that most of what is on here is to a great degree either Bjørn's work, or derived from it.