History of the Nishimura Clan

Nishimura Masayoshi, who has ruled for nearly a decade, ever since his uncle died of a broken heart, is the latest in a long line of Nishimura lords. They have ruled in the mountains for a very long time, sometimes in palaces, sometimes in the crudest of caves, and they know the terrain like the back of their hands. 

In the ancient era of the Gokai Taisan, the humans of the mountains rose up  and overthrew the demon clans.   These rugged mountain-folk fought with a savagery much like that of the demons themselves.  They had their King, Nishimura Namura, who is said to have eaten the hearts of over a thousand demons. 

Once the demons were expelled, the mountain folk quickly took to raiding their neighbours.  While the mountain realms were more sparsely populated, the difficult terrain broke the back of many invading armies.  Eventually, Nishimura Namura’s grandson, Nishimura Tokami surrendered his clan to the reigning Sacred Priestess and with the help of the cults, he began a Great Reformation, civilizing the mountain men, and bringing them law, order, and peace as a vassal.  He was assassinated late in his reign, and the Sacred Priestesses took the land directly under their control. Tokami’s children faded into obscurity as minor officials in the Sacred Priestesses administration.

When the Priestesses fell from power, a series of “strongmen” tried to rule the mountains, until Nishimura Tagama, a lieutenant of Mori Yuudai led a reprisal raid to the mountain lands.  Meeting the large mountain clansmen host led by a the Tamaki clan, Tagama parlayed instead of fighting.  His wise words united the mountain clans through diplomacy rather than force, and he sent the army home to the Wise Council larger then it was when it started, and he stayed, to lead the people.

In the years afterwards, the mountain clans kept to themselves, staying neutral through all the various wars and struggles, until they finally rose up in revolt against the Abe tyranny.  However, the Abe were more than a match for Tagama’s descendants and they nearly exterminated the Nishimura, who lived in the shadows hiding in caves and leading guerrilla strikes, aided only by their few retainers and the Tamaki clan.

Eventually, the Nishimura were restored to power as vassals of the Ogawa clan.  It was a reduced house, with little but its long history and the blood of the Dragon that coursed through their veins as an asset.  They slowly grew in prosperity and power throughout the Ogawa and Yamashita reigns.  When Yamashita Norio was slain the Nishimura fought relentlessly against each of their neighbours, sometimes allied to one or the other, slowly extending their authority over the rich lands along the south eastern coast of Zaidan-Tai. 

Original by Joe