The merchant leagues (i.e. Guild domains) consist of associations of several different extended merchant families, each of which makes up a faction within the domain.

    Each faction is headed by an Oyabun ( this term effectively means “Boss”, but it actually translates directly as “Foster Parent” which reflects the familial nature of the factions), who can be either male or female. Each association is headed by the Oyabun of the dominant faction, who is the Director of the association.
    Each of the Directors uses a different title which translates as “Director”. The titles used are as follows: Daoyan (Sanchowa Renritsu), Incho (Daien Renmai), Kancho (Kinboshi Rengo), Riji (Kurowashi Domei), Shocho (Baizoryo Teikai), Shugi (Nanhoshi Kuniai), Zuren (Shidoho Kigyo Rengo). Since each title is unique, it is common to refer to them solely by their title, thus the Director of the Daien Renmai is referred to as “the Incho”, that of the Baizoryo Teikai as “the Shocho”, and so on.
    The directorships are generally hereditary in the dominant family, however, there is nothing preventing one of the minor factions from making a play to become the dominant faction and seizing the directorship.
    Each faction, including the Director’s, pays a “tribute” (50% after maintenance) to the association to provide a pool of GB and RP available for the Director, which he is expected to use to advance the interests of all the factions, not just his own.

·         Game Mechanics Note: The merchant factions can be divided into two basic categories: Greater and Lesser.

-           Greater Factions: These are the factions that head the various great merchant leagues, they are fully independent player position domains that get the normal allotment of court and regent actions which they pay for themselves.

-           Lesser Factions: These are the smaller factions that make up the remainder of the merchant leagues and they function in the same manner as the Subject clans (meaning they must pay for their single action and a Decree or Dispatch action on the part of the Greater faction player is required to access that action.



Baizoryo Teikei (Double Dragon Alliance)

Greater Faction: Otsuka.

            Lesser Factions: Ogi, Shiki.


Daien Renmai (Great Circle Federation)

Greater Faction: Takeda.

            Lesser Factions: Katori, Sumoto, Soeda.


Kinboshi Rengo (Golden Star Coalition)

Greater Faction: Takahashi clan.

            Lesser Factions: Ginan, Miyagi, Oki.


Kurowashi Domei (Black Eagle League)

Greater Faction: Sugawara (now merged with the Takagi clan of Hinohara).

            Lesser Factions: Hiraya, Inba, Kimino.


Nanhoshi Kuniai (Seven Stars Union)

Greater Faction: Nagasuku.

            Lesser Factions: Iida, Noshiro.


Shidoho Kigyo Rengo (Four Brothers Cartel)

Greater Faction: Hirano.

            Lesser Factions: Kawanishi, Onga, Takasaki.


Sanchowa Renritsu (Three Harmonies Coalition)

Greater Faction: Taketa

            Lesser Factions: Iwafune, Mii, Umaji.