SAN-WUSHU (The Three Wizards)


    There are but three wizards with Source holdings (note that the Kiishi sect also controls some Source holdings). The wizardsí domains consist of their sources, which they control, and several minor merchant families, known as Ie (House) and headed by an Ienaga (Head of the House) who are bound to them by tradition. These merchant houses control various Guild and Trade holdings and function just like Subject clans (i.e. they get 1 action that they pay for themselves).

    Each wizard chooses their heir in whatever manner they wish, and should there be no heir, then the High Priest of the Kiishi sect performs a special ceremony to appoint a new wizard through Land's Choice. 

    The three Wizards and their subject Houses are as follows

Akatama no Wushi (Wizard of the Red Pearl)

            Current Holder: Yamashita Eiji

            Subject Merchant Houses: Kato & Yoshida


Aotama no Wushi (Wizard of the Blue Pearl)

            Current holder: Mori Akano (also Lord of Yamaki)

            Subject Merchant Houses: Inoue & Matsumoto.


Kiirotama no Wushi (Wizard of the Yellow Pearl)

            Current Holder: Miura Kaori

            Subject Merchant Houses: Kondo & Yamada


Pearls of Power
    Each of the three wizards possesses a magical pearl of the appropriate colour (blue, red, or yellow) crafted by the Kiishi sect during the Gokai Taisan, which is rumoured to be what allows them to tap into their source holdings and cast realm magic. While the truth of this remains to be seen, it is generally accepted as "known" that this is so.


Kashikoi Gikai (Council of the Wise)

    Each of the wizards is a member of this body, along with the Sheinaru Miko and the High Priestess of the Kiishi sect. The Council, which once ruled all of Zaidan, now concerns itself with the magical health and defence of the land.