Abandon Holding     X           Disband target holding(s).
Administration       X X*       Reduce various domain costs.
Adventure       X         Character takes part in an adventure.
Advisor     X   X*       Gather information on a specific question.
Agitate X X           X Increase/decrease target province’s prosperity level.
Appoint Lieutenant   X             Promote a character to lieutenant status.
Arcane Investiture X           X   Arcane caster performs an investiture without a priest.
Build     X X*  X*       Initiate a major building project. Construction costs and times vary.
Cast Realm Spell         X   X   Spellcaster unleashes a previously prepared realm spell.
Change Agenda X               Remove, add, or modify one of your minor agendas.
Change Alignment X  X             Change alignment of domain or regent.
Change Status     (X)   (X) X     Activate or deactivate a unit, ship or fortification.
Commission Ship     (X)   (X) X     Start building a ship.
Contest Holding X X             Reduce the level of the target holding by one (a lvl 0 holding is destroyed).
Contest Source X X         X   Reduce the level of the target source holding by one (a lvl 0 holding is destroyed).
Create Business       X         Create a for-profit business.
Create Covert Holding x               Create a secret holding.
Create Holding X X             Create a holding [0] in the target province.
Create Province X               Create a province [0] out of a wilderness area.
Create Source X X         X   Create a source [0] in the target province.
Create Underground Province X               Create a subterranean province.
Create Undersea Province X               Create a province beneath the sea.
Decree     X           Issue a decree with several possible results.
  Decree: Break Diplomatic Relations     X           Sever existing diplomatic ties.
Decree: Declare War     X           Announce a formal state of war.
Decree: Designate Capital City     X           Designate an existing city as the capital city of your realm.
Decree: Establish Diplomatic Relations     X           Establish diplomatic relations with another realm/domain.
Decree: Renounce Vassalage     X           Break a vassalage agreement.
Decree: Set Court Expenditure     X           Designate how much will be spent on court each turn.
Decree: Set Tax Rate     X           Set the tax rate for one or more provinces.
Delay Initiative         X       Voluntarily reduce your domain initiative.
Develop Mineral Resources   X   X*         Develop and exploit mineral resources (mines).
Develop Resources   X             Develop various industries.
Diplomacy X* X X* X* X*     X Make/break treaties, trade agreements, force concessions, etc.
Disband     (X)   (X) X     Disband target army units /ships.
Dispatch         X       Send a message to one or more regents.
Espionage X X X         X Reveal troop movements and positions, investigate plots, launch assassinations etc.
  Espionage: Assassination   X           X Launch an assassination attempt.
Espionage: Establish Home Agent X             X Appoint a counter espionage agent to protect your realm.
Espionage: Establish Spy Network   X           X Establish a network of spies in the target province to aid in espionage attempts.
Establish Contact   X             Establish an NPC as a contact.
Establish Field Army     (X)   (X) X     Create a field army to undertake a military campaign.
Establish Higher Echelon Unit     (X)   (X) X     Create a higher echelon unit to facilitate control of a large army.
Establish Task Force     (X)   (X) X     Create a task force to undertake a naval campaign.
Finance     X           Engage in various financial endeavours.
  Finance:  Borrow Money     X           Borrow money from minor NPCs.
Finance: Convert Wealth     X           Convert GB to/from personal treasury.
Finance: Generate Income     X           Generate 1d6 GB.
Finance: Transfer Funds     X           Transfer funds to another regent.
Forge Ley Line X X         X   Create a ley line between two provinces.
Forge Ley Line Connection X X         X   Combine two existing ley lines into one.
Forge Ley Line Extension X X         X   Extend an existing ley line.
Forge Ley Line Tap X X         X   Create a link between a source and a ley line.
Fortify     X X* X*       Initiate the construction of castles, fortifications, etc. Construction costs and times vary.
Found City X       X*        Initiate the creation of a city in the designated province.
Generate Magic Vortex   X   X X*   X   Creates an additional Source Holding slot & doubles the power of the holding for spellcasting.
Grant     X           Dispense largesse, titles, patronage etc. variable results.
  Grant: Barony     X           Create a minor noble.
Grant: Promotion     X           Promote an NPC to henchman status.
Grant: Title/Position     X           Gives a PC or NPC a title or an office.
Grant: Tribute         X       Transfer control of designated amount of GB to the recipient.
Harvest Source X X         X   Generate GB from source holdings.
Hire Help     X           Hire skilled NPCs – advisers etc.
Hire Mercenaries     (X)   (X) X     Engage the services of mercenaries (army) or privateers (navy).
Hire Privateers     (X)   (X) X     Engage the services of mercenaries (army) or privateers (navy).
Hold Justice Session     X           Judge legal cases.
Improve Unit/Ship     (X)   (X) X     Unit/ship spends a turn on active status to gain 1 XP.
  Improve Unit/Ship: New Skill     (X)   (X) X     Unit trains to use new equipment or gain a new skill.
Investiture X* X* X* X* X*       Participate in an investiture ceremony.
  Investiture: Coronation X* X* X* X* X*       Transfer control of a complete domain to the recipient.
Investiture: Designation X* X* X* X* X*       Designate one or more heirs.
Investiture: Divestiture X* X* X* X* X*       Strip a regent of his holdings.
Investiture:  Recognition X* X* X* X* X*       Transfer control of part of a domain to another regent.
Investiture: Transference X* X* X* X* X*       Transfer some or all of a bloodline to the recipient.
Investiture: Vassalage X* X* X* X* X*       Establishes one regent as the vassal of another.
Ley Link   X   X* X*   X   Give another spellcaster access to your temple/source network.
Maintain Ley Lines         X   X   Maintain existing ley lines, extensions and hook-ups.
Manipulate Bloodline         X       Increase you bloodline score by 1 point or degrade it by 1 or more points.
Move Units/Ships     (X)   (X) X     Movement of units/ships from one province to another.
  Move Units/Ships: Blockade     (X)   (X) X     Block access to the specified province.
Move Units/Ships: Entrench     (X)   (X) X     Units build temporary field fortifications
Move Units/Ships: Patrol     (X)   (X) X     Units/ships actively patrol the coast/borders of the specified province.
Move Units/Ships: Reconnaissance     (X)   (X) X     Reconnoitre an enemy province.
Muster Army     (X)   (X) X     Initiate the raising of new Army units.
Naval Transportation     (X)   (X) X     Transports units on board ships.
Occupy Province     (X)   (X) X     Place the specified province under military occupation.
  Occupy Province: Pillage     (X)   (X) X     Task some units with pillaging province or holding levels
  Occupy Province: Raze     (X)   (X) X     Task some units with pillaging province or holding levels
Piracy   X             Send ships out to engage in piracy.
Ply Trade       X       X Make use of personal skills to make a living.
  Ply Trade: Advise       X       X Able Assistant helps with an Advisor action.
Ply Trade: Supportive       X       X Assists in the performance of another action.
Prepare Realm Spell X X   X     X   Spellcaster prepares a realm spell to be cast at a layer time.
Prospecting   X   X*         Locate mineral resources (mines).
Raid Province     (X)   (X) X     Send troops to pillage the target province and withdraw.
Raise Leidang     (X)   (X) X     Call up the leidang (naval levy).
Raise Levy     (X)   (X) X     Call up the militia and/or the levy.
Recover     (X)   (X) X     Unit rests to regain cohesion/Ship is repaired and crew replenished.
Refocus X               Increase your domain initiative to 20+init mod.
Relocate Court X*   X*           Transfer your court to another province (permanently).
Research   X X X*     X X Research a question, spells, or magic items.
  Research: General   X X X*     X X Gather information on a specific question.
Research: Conventional Spell   X   X*     X X Create or learn a conventional spell.
Research: Realm Spell   X   X*     X X Creates or learn a new realm spell.
Research: Magic Item   X   X*     X X Create a magic item.
Rule Holding X X           X Increase the level of a holding by one.
Rule Province X             X Increase province growth by an amount equal to the number of GBs spent.
Rule Source X X         X x Increase the level of target source by one.
Smuggling X             x Engage in illicit trade to increase profits.
Trade Venture X             X Send out a caravan or trade fleet to far lands and distant ports.
Training       X         Character trains for a level, 50-200 XP, new skills, etc.
Transfer Regency         X       Automatically transfer regency from a vassal to his liege.
Travel       X         Move a character from one province/region to another.
Wage War X X           X Allow a regent to undertake military actions against one or more opponent for one turn.

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