Administration * Reduce various domain costs.
Advisor * Gather information on a specific question.
Build Initiate a major building project. Construction costs and times vary.
Cast Realm Spell Spellcaster unleashes a previously prepared realm spell.
Change Status ** Activate or deactivate a unit, ship or fortification.
Commission Ship ** Start building a ship.
Delay Initiative Voluntarily reduce your domain initiative.
Diplomacy * Make/break treaties, trade agreements, force concessions, etc.
Disband ** Disband target army units /ships.
Dispatch Send a message to one or more regents.
Establish Field Army ** Create a field army to undertake a military campaign.
Establish Higher Echelon Unit** Create a higher echelon unit to facilitate control of a large army.
Establish Task Force ** Create a task force to undertake a naval campaign.
Fortify * Initiate the construction of castles, fortifications, etc. Construction costs and times vary.
Found City Initiate the creation of a city in the designated province.
Generate Magic Vortex Creates an additional Source Holding slot & doubles the power of the holding for spellcasting.
  Grant: Tribute Transfer control of designated amount of GB to the recipient.
Hire Mercenaries/Privateers ** Engage the services of mercenaries (army) or privateers (navy).
Improve Unit/Ship ** Unit/ship spends a turn on active status to gain 1 XP.
  Improve Unit/Ship: New Skill ** Unit trains to use new equipment or gain a new skill.
Investiture * Participate in an investiture ceremony.
  Investiture: Coronation * Transfer control of a complete domain to the recipient.
Investiture: Designation * Designate one or more heirs.
Investiture: Divestiture * Strip a regent of his holdings.
Investiture:  Recognition * Transfer control of part of a domain to another regent.
Investiture: Transference * Transfer some or all of a bloodline to the recipient.
Investiture: Vassalage * Establishes one regent as the vassal of another.
Ley Link * Give another spellcaster access to your temple/source network.
Maintain Ley Lines Maintain existing ley lines, extensions and hook-ups.
Manipulate Bloodline Increase you bloodline score by 1 point or degrade it by 1 or more points.
Move Units/Ships ** Movement of units/ships from one province to another.
  Move Units/Ships: Blockade ** Block access to the specified province.
Move Units/Ships: Patrol ** Units/ships actively patrol the coast/borders of the specified province.
Move Units/Ships: Reconnaissance ** Reconnoitre an enemy province.
Muster Army ** Initiate the raising of new Army units.
Naval Transportation ** Transports units on board ships.
Occupy Province ** Place the specified province under military occupation.
Raid Province ** Send troops to pillage the target province and withdraw.
Raise Leidang ** Call up the leidang (naval levy).
Raise Levy ** Call up the militia and/or the levy.
Recover ** Unit rests to regain cohesion/Ship is repaired and crew replenished.
Transfer Regency Automatically transfer regency from a vassal to his liege.

       Note: The actions marked with a single asterisk are only Free actions under specific circumstances. See the action description for details.

       Note: The actions marked with a double asterisk are Military actions which are normally Court actions; however they become Free actions when a Wage War action is in effect.

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