Arcane Investiture Realm Arcane caster performs an investiture without a priest.
Cast Realm Spell Free Spellcaster unleashes a previously prepared realm spell.
Contest Source Regent/Realm Reduce the level of the target source holding by one (a lvl 0 holding is destroyed).
Create Source Regent/Realm Create a source [0] in the target province.
Forge Ley Line Regent/Realm Create a ley line between two provinces.
Forge Ley Line Connection Regent/Realm Combine two existing ley lines into one.
Forge Ley Line Extension Regent/Realm Extend an existing ley line.
Forge Ley Line Tap Regent/Realm Create a link between a source and a ley line.
Harvest Source Regent/Realm Generate GB from source holdings.
Generate Magic Vortex Regent/Character Creates an additional Source Holding slot & doubles the power of the holding for spellcasting.
Ley Link * Regent/Character/Free Give another spellcaster access to your temple/source network.
Maintain Ley Lines Free Maintain existing ley lines, extensions and hook-ups.
Prepare Realm Spell ** Regent/Realm/Character Spellcaster prepares a realm spell to be cast at a layer time.
  Research: Conventional Spell ** Regent/Character Create or learn a conventional spell.
Research: Realm Spell ** Regent/Character Creates or learn a new realm spell.
Research: Magic Item ** Regent/Character Create a magic item.
Rule Source Regent/Realm Increase the level of target source by one.

       Note: Magic actions are not an actual action type like the others, rather it is simply used to designate those actions that are only available to character classes that are capable of casting Realm magic.Each Magic action is classified as one or more other type of action.

       Note: Ley Link (marked with a single asterisk) is a Regent action for the character whose Source is being linked, it is a Character action for the caster being linked, and is a Free action for both parties if the link is simply being renewed.

       Note: Prepare Realm Spell and Research (marked with a double asterisk) are only a Character action for casters without domains.

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