Change Status Activate or deactivate a unit, ship or fortification.
Commission Ship Start building a ship.
Disband Disband target army units /ships.
Establish Field Army Create a field army to undertake a military campaign.
Establish Higher Echelon Unit Create a higher echelon unit to facilitate control of a large army.
Establish Task Force Create a task force to undertake a naval campaign.
Hire Mercenaries/Privateers Engage the services of mercenaries (army) or privateers (navy).
Improve Unit/Ship Unit/ship spends a turn on active status to gain 1 XP.
  Improve Unit/Ship: New Skill Unit trains to use new equipment or gain a new skill.
Move Units/Ships Movement of units/ships from one province to another.
  Move Units/Ships: Blockade Block access to the specified province.
Move Units/Ships: Entrench Units build temporary field fortifications
Move Units/Ships: Patrol Units/ships actively patrol the coast/borders of the specified province.
Move Units/Ships: Reconnaissance Reconnoitre an enemy province.
Muster Army Initiate the raising of new Army units.
Naval Transportation Transports units on board ships.
Occupy Province Place the specified province under military occupation.
  Occupy Province: Pillage Task some units with pillaging province or holding levels
  Occupy Province: Raze Task some units with razing province or holding levels
Raid Province Send troops to pillage the target province and withdraw.
Raise Leidang Call up the leidang (naval levy).
Raise Levy Call up the militia and/or the levy.
Recover Unit rests to regain cohesion/Ship is repaired and crew replenished.

       Note: Military actions are normally Court actions; however they become Free actions when a Wage War action is in effect.

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