Agitate Increase/decrease target province’s prosperity level.
Arcane Investiture Arcane caster performs an investiture without a priest.
Change Agenda Remove, add, or modify one of your minor agendas.
Change Alignment Change alignment of domain or regent.
Contest Holding Reduce the level of the target holding by one (a lvl 0 holding is destroyed).
Contest Source Reduce the level of the target source holding by one (a lvl 0 holding is destroyed).
Create Covert Holding Create a secret holding.
Create Holding Create a holding [0] in the target province.
Create Province Create a province [0] out of a wilderness area.
Create Source Create a source [0] in the target province.
Create Underground Province Create a subterranean province.
Create Undersea Province Create a province beneath the sea.
Diplomacy * Make/break treaties, trade agreements, force concessions, etc.
Espionage Reveal troop movements and positions, investigate plots, launch assassinations etc.
  Espionage: Establish Home Agent Appoint a counter espionage agent to protect your realm.
Forge Ley Line Create a ley line between two provinces.
Forge Ley Line Connection Combine two existing ley lines into one.
Forge Ley Line Extension Extend an existing ley line.
Forge Ley Line Tap Create a link between a source and a ley line.
Found City Initiate the creation of a city in the designated province.
Harvest Source Generate GB from source holdings.
Investiture * Participate in an investiture ceremony.
  Investiture: Coronation * Transfer control of a complete domain to the recipient.
Investiture: Designation * Designate one or more heirs.
Investiture: Divestiture * Strip a regent of his holdings.
Investiture:  Recognition * Transfer control of part of a domain to another regent.
Investiture: Transference * Transfer some or all of a bloodline to the recipient.
Investiture: Vassalage * Establishes one regent as the vassal of another.
Prepare Realm Spell Spellcaster prepares a realm spell to be cast at a layer time.
Refocus Increase your domain initiative to 20+init mod.
Relocate Court * Transfer your court to another province (permanently).
Rule Holding Increase the level of a holding by one.
Rule Province Increase province growth by an amount equal to the number of GBs spent.
Rule Source Increase the level of target source by one.
Smuggling Engage in illicit trade to increase profits.
Trade Venture Send out a caravan or trade fleet to far lands and distant ports.
Wage War Allow a regent to undertake military actions against one or more opponent for one turn.

·       Note: The actions marked with an asterisk are only Realm actions under specific circumstances. See the action description for details.

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