Agitate Increase/decrease target province’s prosperity level.
Appoint Lieutenant Promote a character to lieutenant status.
Change Alignment Change alignment of domain or regent.
Contest Holding Reduce the level of the target holding by one (a lvl 0 holding is destroyed).
Contest Source Reduce the level of the target source holding by one (a lvl 0 holding is destroyed).
Create Holding Create a holding [0] in the target province.
Create Source Create a source [0] in the target province.
Develop Mineral Resources Develop and exploit mineral resources (mines).
Develop Resources Develop various industries.
Diplomacy Make/break treaties, trade agreements, force concessions, etc.
Espionage Reveal troop movements and positions, investigate plots, launch assassinations etc.
  Espionage: Assassination Launch an assassination attempt.
Espionage: Establish Spy Network Establish a network of spies in the target province to aid in espionage attempts.
Establish Contact Establish an NPC as a contact.
Forge Ley Line Create a ley line between two provinces.
Forge Ley Line Connection Combine two existing ley lines into one.
Forge Ley Line Extension Extend an existing ley line.
Forge Ley Line Tap Create a link between a source and a ley line.
Harvest Source Generate GB from source holdings.
Generate Magic Vortex Creates an additional Source Holding slot & doubles the power of the holding for spellcasting.
Investiture * Participate in an investiture ceremony.
  Investiture: Coronation * Transfer control of a complete domain to the recipient.
Investiture: Designation * Designate one or more heirs.
Investiture: Divestiture * Strip a regent of his holdings.
Investiture:  Recognition * Transfer control of part of a domain to another regent.
Investiture: Transference * Transfer some or all of a bloodline to the recipient.
Investiture: Vassalage * Establishes one regent as the vassal of another.
Ley Link Give another spellcaster access to your temple/source network.
Piracy Send ships out to engage in piracy.
Prepare Realm Spell Spellcaster prepares a realm spell to be cast at a layer time.
Prospecting Locate mineral resources (mines).
Research Research a question, spells, or magic items.
  Research: General Gather information on a specific question.
Research: Conventional Spell Create or learn a conventional spell.
Research: Realm Spell Creates or learn a new realm spell.
Research: Magic Item Create a magic item.
Rule Holding Increase the level of a holding by one.
Rule Source Increase the level of target source by one.
Wage War Allow a regent to undertake military actions against one or more opponent for one turn.

·       Note: Investiture is a Regent action for any regent who is only giving up something. See the action description for details.

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