The use of RP and/or GB to give a bonus to a DAC or to increase the DDC is called using Influence. Each action description shows IF Influence can be used to support/oppose that action.

Purchasing Influence is cheap for a small modifier, but becomes increasingly expensive if you want a lot of Influence on a single action. The following table shows how many RP/GB you must spend to get an Influence modifier on the DAC (to support your action) or DDC (to oppose your opponent's actions).

Influence bonus

Cost per point


+1 to +5


+5 = 5 RP/GB

+6 to +10


+10 = 15 RP/GB

+11 to +15


+15 = 30 RP/GB

+16 to +20


+20 = 50 RP/GB

+21 and above


+50 = 200 RP/GB

Note: If you do not rule a province or have a holding, you cannot use influence in the province. Even a holding (0) is sufficient to use influence.

Supportable Domain Actions.

Most actions (those with a yes under influence) will allow you to increase your chances for success by spending RP and GB.

Opposable Domain Actions.

Most actions (those with a yes under influence) will also allow you to use RP/GB to increase the DDC of your enemies.

Magic Actions.

For actions involving magical sources, no other holdings or province rulership applies. The same applies in reverse; sources do not help in mundane matters. Note that for the purpose of this rule the regent (or his lieutenant) must be a spellcaster who can actually use the source to be counted as ruling the source.

Holdings not relevant.

Province rulership/holdings are not always relevant; for such actions you can use Influence to affect the result even without ruling the province or having a holding there.

       Example: While attending a Court Session in another regentís domain, you can use Influence to affect the chances of success on your diplomacy action, even though you have no holdings there (and definitively do not rule the province).

For the purpose of actions such as Create Holding and Create Province, you may also use Influence; the act of attempting to create conceptually gives you a certain presence that you can use.


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