Number of Actions

Every regent gets three Regent Actions, one bonus Regent Action for class, one bonus Regent Action for having a lieutenant (if any), a number of court actions equal to his court expenditure (minimum of 1), and any number of free actions (within reason). In addition, each NPC follower or hireling can also take one or more Character actions per Domain Turn (see Non-Regent Actions for details).

The following table summarizes the numbers of the various types of actions.


Regent (Reg) 3/Regent 1 Reg The standard action requiring the regent's attention
Court (Crt) 1/GB of court 1 Crt An action that the regent's staff can handle with a minimum of input from him
Class (Cls) 1 n/a Every Regent gets 1 bonus class action per DT
Lieutenant (Lt) 0/1 n/a A regent with at least 1 Lieutenant gets 1 extra action of any type per DT.
Free (Fr) Unlimited 1 Fr A regent can take any number of Free actions desired (within reason).
Subject (Sbj) 1 n/a Each Subject gets a single Regent action.
Non-Regent (N-R) Varies n/a Henchmen, hirelings and other NPC types get 1 Character action/DT per function.
Character (Chr) n/a 1 Reg A personal action
Realm (Rlm) n/a 1 Reg & 1+ Crt Affects multiple provinces in one action
Military (Mil) n/a 1 Crt or 1 Fr These are normally Court actions, but count as Free actions when a Wage War action is taken
Magic (Mag) n/a 1 Reg or 1 Rlm These actions are only available to regents capable of casting Realm magic.