Timing of Domain Actions


Each Domain Turn consists of 3 Action Rounds. These Action Rounds are roughly analogous to a month but they do not equate directly to a calendar month, rather they are used to determine the order in which various actions will be carried out. Every action takes place within that framework, occurring during one of the three Action Rounds.


Within each given Action Round actions will be processed according to Domain initiative. All of a domain’s actions in a given Action Round will be processed before the actions of a domain with a later initiative will be processed.


On the orders sheet of your Status Report, there is a column labelled “Round”. This is where you indicate which action Round you will be taking that action, and the order in which they will be undertaken. The three Action Rounds should be indicated with a 1,2, or a 3. Within each Action Round actions will be processed in the order in which they are listed, so it is imperative that you list them correctly.



Each individual character (PC or NPC) can only take a single Regent, Realm, or Character action during any given Action Round. Class actions do not count towards this limit. Any number of Court or Free actions may be undertaken in a single Action Round.