Agitation Danger Sense Gift of Tongues Proclamation Strength
Alertness Death Touch Grant Spells Protection from Evil Summon Animal Spirit
All-Around Sight Density Greater Regeneration Protective Aura  Summon Swarm
Alter Appearance Detect Illusion Ground Blood Regeneration Summon Woodland Animal
Animal Affinity Detect Lie Healing Repel Metal Sunray
Arcane Fire Detect Life Heightened Ability Resistance -  Domination Tamichizen Sense
Augmented Magic Direction Sense Home Hearkening Resistance - Evocation Terraform
Aura of Despair Disease Immunity Hypnotic Pattern Resistance - Exposure Terror
Battlewise Dispel Magic Immovability Resistance - Light & Heat Ties of Blood
Bestow Undeath Displacement Instant Stand Resistance - Magic Tireless
Blood Armour Disruption Invulnerability Resistance - Necromancy Touch of Agony
Blood Flame Distraction Iron Will Resistance - Non-Magical Attacks Touch of Decay
Blood History Divine Armour Ironguard Resistance - Poison Touch of Malice
Blood of Fire Divine Aura Keening Resistance - Restraints Touch of the Grave
Blood of Ice Divine Blessing Leap Resistance - Water Touch of the Sun
Blood of Magic Divine Command Light of Reason Safe Fall Translation
Blood of the Kashin Divine Fortune Liquid Form Scrying Travel
Blood Sense Divine Magic Locate Bloodsilver Sea Song True Sight
Blood Spell Divine Might Long Life Serpents of Malice Unceasing Vigilance
Blood Walk Divine Order Luck Shadow Aura Undetectable Lie
Bloodform Divine Wrath Migrant Blood Shadow Call Unreadable Thoughts
Bloodmark Elemental Arm Nature's Bounty Shadow Form Unseen
Bloodtrait Elemental Control Nature's Guardian Shadow Shroud Vampiric Regeneration
Body Double Elemental Invulnerability Non-Detection I Shadow's Chill Vitriolic Touch
Breath of the Gods Empower Weapon Non-Detection II Shape Stone Wandering Shadow
Breech Immunity Encasement Obfuscation Sheilding War Cry
Camouflage Endow Champion Obscurement Shipwise Water Born
Cat's Grace Enhanced Sense Passage Through Stone Snake Eyes Water Breathing
Character Reading Equilibrium Penetrating Vision Speed Water Walking
Charm Aura Feel Magic Persuasion Spirit Fire Wither Touch
Clap of Thunder Fire Aura Phantasm Stone Seeing  
Claws of the Tiger Forest Walk Poison Sense Stone Tell  
Courage Ghost Polymorph Self Stone's Burden