1st LEVEL    
Alchemy  Dreamless Sleep  Scrying
Armoured Army I  Forced March  Shadowy Filaments of Enfeeblement
Blinding Light  Hypnotic Sky  Shield Army
Clap of Thunder  Improve Army  Shield Fortress
Cloak Army  Locate Sources  Subversion
Conjure Extraplanar Army I  Magic Blast  Ten Thousand Sentinels
Coward's Heart  Mount Army  Unstoppable Messenger
Cultural Comprehension  Obscuring Mists  Veil of Secrecy
Dispel Realm Magic , Lesser Protection from Realm Magic  Winter's Chill
Double Source  Protection from Shadow   
2nd LEVEL    
Alchemy, Improved Deception  Mask Ley Line 
Arcane Transportation, Lesser Demagogue  Mask of Experience 
Armoured Army II  Detect Ley Line  Mass Destruction 
Army of Terror  Displace Ley Line  Night Vision 
Battle Fury  Eldritch Blast  Protect Source 
Berserker Rage  Enchanted Weapons  Regent Sight
Bone Rot  Fire Arrows  Royal Facade
Bow Mastery  Forethought  Source Protection
Clap of Thunder, Greater Gold Rush, Minor Summon Army
Coffer Credit  Hold Unit  Summon Shadow Army
Concealed Activity  Improve Army , Greater Ward against Scrying
Conjure Extraplanar Army II  Ley Trap  Warding Wall
Conjure Siege Train  Mark of the Dead   
3rd LEVEL    
Arcane Transportation  Inflame  Raging Winds
Armoured Army III  Invisible Unit  Sand Castle
Army of Heroes  Legion of Dead I  Sand Storm
Combine Sources  Ley Trap, Improved Shadow Strike
Conjure Extraplanar Army III  Ley Ward  Ship of Stone
Create Bridge  Locate Regents  Snow Fort
Death Plague  Masking Shadows  Stronghold
Demagogue, Improved Mass Destruction, Improved Tangle Ley Lines
Detect True Potential  Nauseating Fumes  Trace Ley Line
Dispel Realm Magic  Palace of Splendour  Ward against Undead
Disrupt Ley Line  Pest Infestation  Ward Realm
Feign Destruction  Phantom Mounts  Winter's Cold
Flying Army  Protect Ley Line   
Gloom  Protective Winds  
4th LEVEL    
Accurate Intelligence  Forbidding Walls  Phantasmal Warriors 
Alchemical Transformation  Hide Army  Protection from the Changing Seasons
Arcane Transportation, Improved Hold Army  Raze
Conjure Extraplanar Army IV  Ley Trap, Greater Resilient Sphere of Battlefield Protection
Curse Realm  Illusionary Armada  Shadow Block
Deactivate Ley Line  Improve Stronghold  Source Protection , Greater
Defection, Lesser Invincible Unit  Source Trap
Dominate Army  Legion of Dead II  Stoneskinned Army
Enchanted Weapons, Greater Ley Shield  Teleport Block
5th LEVEL    
Arcane Transportation, Greater Create Source Guardian  Maritime Ley Line 
Arcane Warriors  Defection  Necromantic Host 
Armoured Army IV  Demilitarize  Nightmare Battlefield 
Army of Fools  Deplete Tamachizen  Renewal
Battle Warding  Dismiss Army  Shadow Ward
Bloodfind  Duplicate  Sunder Ley Line
Cataclysm  Duplicate Army  Travelling Gate
Change Army  Find the Flaw in the Weave  Variable Ley Ward
Conjure Extraplanar Army V  Gold Rush  Warding
Create Gate  Improve Source  Winter's Depth
6th LEVEL    
Aerial Transport  Death Hunt  Phantasmal Army 
Alchemical Transformation , Improved Dispel Realm Magic, Greater Realm Contingency
Army of the Damned  Enhance Source  Siphon Tamachizen
Chain Sources  Fiery Destruction  Source Ward
Change Allegiance  Flying Ship  Summon Dragon
Conflagration  Mounting the Waves  Tap Ley Line
Conjure Extraplanar Army VI  Move Land  Warding, Greater
7th LEVEL    
Army of the Damned, Greater Conjure Extraplanar Army VII  Scrying, Greater
Banish Army  Drain Source  Shadows of Death
Cloud of Daggers  Grip of Madness  Steal Ley Line
8th LEVEL    
Block Tamachizen  Inhibit Tamachizen  Leeching Shadows 
Chains of Loyalty  Investiture  Searing Light
Conjure Extraplanar Army VIII  Know History   
9th LEVEL    
Armageddon  Destroy Source  Increase Potential 
Celestial Invulnerability  Disrupt Tamachizen  Planar Gate 
Conceal Province  Dominate Realm  Shadow Gate
Conjure Extraplanar Army IX  End of Days  Tamachizen Surge
Corrupt Tamachizen  Foretell  Transform Province
Create Null Zone  Forgotten Realm