1st LEVEL    
Bless Army Cultural Comprehension Protection from Realm Magic
Bless Fleet Dispel Realm Magic, Lesser Protection from Shadow
Bless Land Health Blessing Smite the Infidel
Blight Land Investiture True Believer
Clap of Heavenly Thunder Mark of the Dead  
Coward's Heart Mystic Transport  
2nd LEVEL    
Aid the Righteous Dark Summons Raise Monument
Battle Fury Divine Right Robe of Healing
Bless Holdings Enthralling Speech Scry
Bless Regent Magical Tithe Ward Against Scrying
Blight Holding Maintain Armies Ward Holding
Clap of Heavenly Thunder, Greater Mark of the Gods Ward Realm
Conversion, Lesser Population Transfer  
Cure Army, Lesser Preservation  
3rd LEVEL    
Abundance Dispel Realm Magic Protect Source
Army of Heroes Divine Line Protection from the Changing Seasons
Battle Chant Excommunication Protective Winds
Calm Sailing Heavenly Bridges Searing Light of Heaven
Celestial Siege Train Holy Courage Shadow Ward
Chariots of Fire Honest Dealings Shield Holding
Cure Plague Hungry Earth Vestment of the Gods
Curse Holding Imbue with Blood Ability Ward Against Undead
Dead Seas Legion of Dead Ward Realm Against (Alignment)
Destroy Wealth Lift Curse  
Dishonest Dealings Nautical Blessing  
4th LEVEL    
Banish Elementals Defence of the Homeland Sanctify Fleet
Blood Ward Dismiss Army Shadow Block
Celestial Boon Drums of Fear Siege Wall
Circle of Sunmotes Elemental Swarm Spell Immunity
Cleanse Land Flame of Wrath Stronghold
Conversion, Greater Hand of Peace Summon Elemental Unit
Cure Army, Greater Holy War Unbreakable Peace
Curse Realm Inversion Warrior at Heart
Deactivate Ley Lines Mindnet  
Death Plague Revelation  
5th LEVEL    
Accurate Intelligence High Crusade Noble War
Army of the Damned Holy Zeal Sense Shadow
Blessed Company Increase Wealth Shield Army
Bloodlust Interdiction  
6th LEVEL    
Banish Army Crusade One True Faith
Clay Soldiers Dispel Realm Magic, Greater Sever Bloodline
Conjure Extraplanar Unit Divine Shroud  
Consecrate Minor Relic Heal Army  
7th LEVEL    
Army of the Damned, Greater Glorification Holy City
8th LEVEL    
Chains of Loyalty Eyes of the Gods Wrath of God
Consecrate Major Relic    
9th LEVEL    
Armageddon Discern the Myriad Truths Dominate Realm
Celestial Invulnerability