Bless Regent

Transmutation (Enchantment)

Level: 2

Req Holding: 2

Gold: Special (see below)

Regency: Special (see below)

Casting Time: 1 Free Action (1 Day)

Range: Close (LoS)

Area of Effect: 1 Regent

Duration: 1 Domain Turn

Saving Throw: No

Spell Resistance: Yes (Harmless)

Description: With this realm spell a priest can imbue a single regent with divine blessing. 

Spell Effect: When cast the spell gives the target regent a +1 success modifier per 3 levels of the priest, rounded down (i.e. a level 9 priest gives a +3) to all Domain Action Checks for the Domain Turn.  The effect is instantaneous at the conclusion of the spell and last through the end of the Domain Turn. 

    It may only be cast on a regent once per domain turn (though it could be cast 3 times if it were cast on 3 separate regents).  The cost of the spell is 1 RP and 1 GB per bonus received (+3 = 3 RP and 3 GB).  If the cleric casting the spell may imbue the recipient with less than the maximum available if they so desire (i.e. The archprelate Rhobher Nichaleir (Lvl. 13) can imbue a single regent with up to a +4, he may opt to provide a bonus of 1, 2, or 3).

Character Equivalent:

Original: Lawgiver