Protection from the Changing Seasons


Level: 3

Req Holding: 3

Gold: 0 GB

Regency: 3 RP/province

Casting Time: One free action (1 day)

Range: Long

Area of Effect: 1 province + 1 province/2 caster levels beyond minimum requirement

Duration: 1 year (1 month/caster level)

Saving Throw: None

Spell Resistance: No

Description: A powerful protective enchantment that protects provinces from both natural and magical extremes of weather.

Spell Effect: Target provinces are not affected by negative events related to the weather (severe cold, heavy snowfall, high winds, drought etc.), and thus will not suffer prosperity penalties, negative province growth or other effects related to such events.

Character Equivalent: None. Characters in target provinces are less likely to encounter extreme weather, and should have an easier time surviving in the wilderness because of it.

Original: Bjørn Eian Sørgjerd