Kawabune (River Boat)

    These ships were designed specifically for use on the Kadogawa River with its many rapids, using bow sweeps for added manoeuvrability. The shape of Kawabune allows it to use two stern sweeps, which makes it even handier in the rapids. With the two stern sweeps and 16 oars, it is capable of good speed, even when traveling upriver.

    The oars are 30 long, and the bow sweep is 50 long. The crooked-stern junks main stern sweep is 90 long, and the side stern sweep is 50 long. The main sweep is handled from a platform 25 above the water.



Class/Size: Lt (1)

Required Port: 2                               Cost: 2.5 GB                                        Maintenance: 0.25 GB

Movement class: E(4)                    Seaworthiness: 10                           Hard Points: 2

Defence: 10                                        Hull Points: 2                                      Ram: None

Boarding value: 1                             Missile value: 1

Cargo: 2 GB