AMOIHITO (Clansmen)

These are the Zaidanese equivalent of samurai troops. They can only be raised with the permission of the province ruler with the following exception: each level of Manor held by a noble clan can raise one Amoihito unit without requiring the province rulerís permission.


Kishi (Knights)

Kihei (Cavalry)



Goei (Guards)

Hohei (Infantry)

Kenshi (Swordsmen)


GARANHEI (Temple Troops)

These troops can only be raised by temple domains; Shrine Maidens can raise Nuns, Spirit Masters can raise Monks. Each level of Manor held by a Temple domain can support one unit each of Monks and Nuns. Permission of the province ruler is not needed to raise these special units.


Ima (Nuns)

Soryo (Monks)


ASHIGARU (Followers)

Anybody can raise these troop types and all the rules regarding permission of the province lord apply.


Keigo (Escorts)



Ite (Archers)

Kohei (Sappers)

Sanpai (Skirmishers)

Yarihei (Spearmen)


HOIKOSHI (Siege Companies)

These troops are only available for mustering by Guild holders, all others must hire them as mercenaries. In order to do so, the regent must have the support of enough levels of Guild holdings. It takes 2 levels of Guild to raise a unit of Koho, and 3 levels to raise a unit of Taiho. When being raised by a Guild Regent, the required number of Guild levels must be controlled by closely allied domains (i.e. in the same merchant league or serving the same wizard), but when being raised as mercenaries, they do not. As long as any combination of regents controlling the required number of levels agrees, they can be raise. The exception to this rule is the Isshii clan who can use their manor holdings in Masaki (and only those in Masaki) as if they were Guild holdings for the purposes of raising Hoikoshi, but those manor holdings cannot be used by others to raise mercenaries.

The regent raising the mercenaries pays the full Muster & Maintenance costs, but 1 GB of the Muster cost, and 0.5 GB of the Maintenance cost goes to the guild regent(s) who supported the regent. In the case where more than one regent supported the raising, the money is split between them as evenly as possible, unless there is an agreement between them specifying some other arrangement.

Guild Muster

Koho (Lt. Artillery)

Taiho (Hvy Artillery)


Mercenary Muster

Yohai Koho (Lt. Artillery)

Yohei Taiho (Hvy Artillery)


NOMIN (Peasants)

These units follow all the rules regarding raising Levies. When using the raise levy action for the first time in a province during a calendar year, the ruler will get skilled Minpei units. The second time he gets green Minpei and the third (and later) times all units are green Shobo.


Minpei (Militia)

Shobo (Levy)




Suihei (Sailors)

(These units are used to represent sailors who have disembarked from their ships.)